Shia Online Courses

Aabtaab Provides Shia Courses Online for kids and Adults

Quran Learning

Learn Quran Online/offline with native Arabic Quran tutors. In addition the use of technology so you can easily save time.

Learn Seerah

Imam Muhammad Baqir (A.S.):
Our hadiths/talks revive hearts.
Al-Khasal, Volume 1, Page 22


This Module Contains Muslim responses to ethical questions on issues such as economics, human diversity theology, and philosophy.


In this course you can learn Ahkam like performing Wudhu, Ahkam e Namaz (Prayer) and Ahkam e Roza(Fasting) etc.


Aqaid Course is where you learn beliefs of islam related with forbiden acts and disbliefs etc.


Holy Quran was revealed in Arabic, This course covers Arabic language Step by Step even if you don’t recognize letters of Arabic.


We offer special (event) courses and limited time workshops stay tuned and updated for latest workshops and events.

Custom Course

The Course is designed for full customised course
on your own demand

Islamic Stories for Kids

This Course is for kids to understand Religion and learn Aadab e With Islamic Stories for kids

Your Journy To Knowledge

Aabtaab is pleased to offer a variety of online Shia courses for the Shia community around the world. We have classes for both kids and adult students, and our courses are taught by qualified shia instructors with years of experience in the field.

Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of Shi’ism or to learn more about the Shia faith in particular, our online courses are a great way to expand your knowledge and get awareness of Deen. We offer a variety of courses on a variety of different topics, so there’s something for everyone. Enroll today and join the Aabtaab community for Shia!


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