• Aqeeqah for a new born is mustahab whether it is a boy or a girl.
  • It is recommended that the Aqeeqah of the child be performed on the seventh day.
  • it must be from one of the animals, i.e. sheep, goats, cows or camels.

It is mustahabb that the animal of Aqeeqah should have the conditions of a sacrificial animal such as not being defective therefore, a camel not less than five years old and a cow and a goat not less than two years old, and a sheep not less than seven months old. But, It is not, while in some traditions it has been said that “Aqiqah is the meat of a goat, which is not like a sacrifice, everything is possible in it”. In other words, you will fulfill the aqeeqah of sunnah by sacrificing any kind of animal from the mentioned cattle.

Manhaj al-Saliheen V.3 Kitab al-Niqaah 394

Most importantly, If it is not performed until adulthood, it is recommended to perform it on your own even after becoming an adult.

Basically, It is makruh for the father of one who has aqeeqah and his father’s family and his family to eat from the animal of aqeeqah, especially the mother of the child.
Rather, it is advisable for the mother to avoid eating Aqeeqah.

Manhaj al-Saliheen V.3 Kitab al-Niqaah 395

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