Spending money for the cause of God is as the seed from which seven ears may grow, each bearing one hundred grains. God gives in multiples to those whom He wants. God is Munificent and All-knowing.Al-Quran Surah Baqra (261) Donate Now Donate Now and Make Diffrenace Aabtaab Charity Coll ection Donation & Charity Programs Aabtaab […]


Details Zakat is obligatory on ten things: wheat, barley, dates, raisins, gold, silver, camels, cows, sheep & goats, and Business investment & goods based on obligatory precautions. If anybody has one of these entities. He must pay a specified amount of Zakat, subject to the conditions described in Shariah Books. It is a tax in […]

Rad e Mazalim

Details Rad-e-Mazalim, or redress of grievances, is a vital aspect of Islamic jurisprudence, focusing on addressing and resolving disputes or conflicts, and ensuring justice and fairness. Instances of Rad-e-Mazalim There are several situations where Rad-e-Mazalim comes into play. Some of these instances include: Instances of Rad-e-Mazalim It is said to pay off the wrongful property […]

Khums delievery Service

Understanding the Importance of Khums in Shia Islam khums is a religious tax that is equivalent to one-fifth of one’s yearly savings. we count saving as the year’s income minus legitimate expenses. The total amount splits equally between Sahm El Imam and Sahm El Sadat. We will deliver the khums to your Marjae and provide […]