Niyabat-e-Ziyarah Imam Hussain (A.S.) and Hazrat Abbas (A.S.)

Details Imam Hussain (A.S.) and Hazrat Abbas (A.S.) are two revered personalities in Islam whose sacrifice and devotion to the cause of Islam and humanity continue to inspire millions of people around the world. Visiting their holy shrines in Karbala, Iraq is a deeply spiritual and meaningful experience for Momineen. However, if you cannot perform […]

Niyabat e Ziyarah of Amirul Momineen (A.S.)

Details The Ziyarah of Imam Ali (as) in Najaf is highly recommended and its blessings are tremendous.If you can’t perform it yourself for any reason or wish your deceased one to gain the reward of the Ziyarah of Imam Ali (as) you can appoint us to perform Niyabat e Ziyarah of Amirul Momineen on your […]


What is Namaz e Ijara? Namaz e Ijara is a form of prayer performed on behalf of a deceased momin who has missed their mandatory daily prayers. This type of prayer is performed in order to fulfill the religious obligation of the deceased and ease their journey in the afterlife. In Islam, it is believed […]


What is Roza-e-Ijara Obligatory prayers like the Fasts of Ramzan, if not performed by a person in his lifetime due to various reasons, may come as punishment in their grave. Roza ijrara is to perform Qadha Roza for Deceased. For Roza-e-ijara: You can appoint us to keep fasts on behalf of the deceased one. Explain […]

Khums delievery Service

Understanding the Importance of Khums in Shia Islam khums is a religious tax that is equivalent to one-fifth of one’s yearly savings. we count saving as the year’s income minus legitimate expenses. The total amount splits equally between Sahm El Imam and Sahm El Sadat. We will deliver the khums to your Marjae and provide […]


Understanding Fidya and Its Importance Fidya is a religious payment made by Muslims who are unable to fast during the month of Ramadan due to legitimate reasons, such as illness, old age, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. By providing food or monetary assistance to those in need, Fidya allows us to fulfill our religious obligations while still […]

kaffara for fast

Introduction Islamic fasting is a significant act of worship for Muslims, and breaking the fast intentionally or unintentionally is considered a sin. If someone breaks their fast during Ramadan, they need to perform a Kaffara (penalty) for the fast as an expiation or atonement. Kaffara for Fast It is a penalty that must be paid […]

Kaffara for hajj

Details If you are performing the Hajj pilgrimage and find yourself unable to complete certain obligations, you may be required to perform a Kaffara as an act of penance. In simpler terms, a Kaffara for Hajj is a way to make up for any mistakes or shortcomings in your Hajj. Kaffara for Hajj To perform […]

Shia Online Courses

Aabtaab Provides Shia Courses Online for kids and Adults Quran Learning Learn Quran Online/offline with native Arabic Quran tutors. In addition the use of technology so you can easily save time. Learn Seerah Imam Muhammad Baqir (A.S.):Our hadiths/talks revive hearts.Al-Khasal, Volume 1, Page 22 Ethics This Module Contains Muslim responses to ethical questions on issues […]