Customized Course

What is Customized Course?

Learn exactly the topic that you want to learn with Customized Course. In other words Custom course isn’t our designed Course it will be the course which is decided by you all the topics you want in one course to make it on-demand course.

How to get started

With Custom Courses, you get to create your own course using topics handpicked by you. This means that you get to choose the topics that you think are most important for your curriculum needs.

who can enroll for customized course?

The Course has no age limit either if you are choosing certiain topic for you kids to learn or for yourself it will be completely according to you demand.

whether you’re a student or a teacher, you can create your own Customized Course and achieve your study goals faster.

Why Aabtaab's customized course?

Here at Aabtaab we let you create your own course using topics handpicked by you. Additionaly You can track progress, access quizzes and exams.

using customized course you can plan out your own curriculum in advance.

How to Enroll?

Just fill the form below and tell us about the topics you wanna learn in your in-demand course and leave the rest to us.