Recitation of Quran

Recitation of Quran

Quran Recitation for Deceased Moumin

Impotance of Quran recitaion and Quran recitation for dead moumin.

The Holy Prophet (saw) says that:

 “The dead man is like a person drowning who helplessly holds on to any help given to him by his father or brother or friend and he clings on to these and loves these acts more than the world itself, and the gifts for the dead are a charity and praying for their forgiveness.”

After the death of a moumin, they no longer have the privilege of attaining the reward of reciting the Holy Quran and they are dependent on their near and dear ones to send them this Thawab to reduce the difficulties in their grave.

Imam al-Sadiq (A.S.)

Quran is commanding and warning. It commands to Paradise and warns against Hell.

The Holy Quran has a prominent place in the religion of Islam and many traditions have been narrated from the Prophet (saw) and his progeny emphasizing its importance and the rewards held in reciting it.

The straightforward task of reciting or asking someone to recite the holy Quran on behalf of our relatives and loved ones that have passed away may seem menial but holds great importance for the person on the grave who is keenly waiting for their loved ones to send something for them.

We will arrange for someone who is able to recite the holy Quran with the correct pronunciation and rules to recite on behalf of your mahram.

You may choose up to 20 recitations,

Each recitation consists of reciting the complete Quran from Surah Fatiha up to Surah Nass and the reward sent to the deceased.