Namaz e Ijarah for the Deceased

Namaz e Ijarah for the Deceased

What is Ijara or Namaz e Ijarah

Namaz e Ijarah, also known as Salat e Ijara, is a form of prayer performed by a Muslim on behalf of another Muslim in exchange for a fee. This type of prayer can be either mandatory, such as making up missed daily prayers for the deceased, or recommended, such as visiting a holy site.

The person performing the Ijarah prayer is referred to as the “Ajir”. In the Shia branch of Islam, it is widely accepted that Namz e Ijara are only allowed for deceased individuals.

Muhammad ibn Muslim narrates a tradition from Abu Ja’far (A.S.)

A person may be good to his parents during their life and forget them after their death, thus Allah considers him to have angered his parents. If on the other hand he was irresponsible in his duties towards them during their life and started to do good deeds on their behalf after their death Allah considers him to be an obedient servant

Al Bihar vol 4 page 59
Why Namaz Ijarah is Important?

Ease the journey of your loved ones with Namaz e Ijara. In the afterlife, the deceased wait eagerly for any form of support from their relatives. If a person did not perform their prayers during their lifetime, it can result in punishment in the grave.

Show your care and compassion by fulfilling their missed obligations through Qadha Namaz, a recommended practice for all relatives. As the eldest son, it’s your responsibility to perform the Qadha Wajib prayers for your father. Let us help you carry out this important duty and perform ijara prayer on behalf of your deceased loved one.

You can hire us to perform Namaz e Ijara on behalf of your deceased one

Namaz e Ijrah Service by Aabtaab

Take comfort in knowing that your loved one’s afterlife is being taken care of with our Namaz e Ijara. You have the option to fulfill this responsibility on your own or trust us to arrange a knowledgeable individual to perform the prayers on their behalf.

You can Choose from up to 20 years of prayers, including the 5 daily prayers for 365 days and 4 Salaat al Ayaat that occur annually.

Ensure that your deceased relative or loved one’s journey is eased with and his/her un performance Obligations are being fulfilled.

Why us?

Choose us for your Namaz e Ijara prayer, Our team of knowledgeable individuals is well-versed in the Islamic regulations and Most of them are Shia Scholars who can perform proper prayer methods.

We ensure accuracy and reliability in every prayer performed on behalf of your deceased family member or friend. Trust us to provide a respectful and spiritual experience, so you can focus on honoring your loved one’s memory.