Niyabat e Hajj

Niyabat e Hajj What is Hajj and Niyabat e Hajj? Ḥajj (Arabic: الحجّ) is an act of worshipand one of the most significant sacraments in Islam,which consists of a pilgrimage to Mecca to perform special rituals.In addition to the worshiping side, hajj has social, economic, and political aspects.The largest gathering of Muslims happens once a […]

Niyabat e Ziyarat

Niyabat e Ziyarat What is ziyarat and niyabat e ziyarat Ziyāra (Arabic: الزيارة; visit) or pilgrimage is a religious act which means to attend before religiousleaders or their graves in order to express and show love and reverence and acquire spiritual blessings.Visiting religious personalities and their graves have always been among recommended acts inIslam and […]