Kaffara What is Kaffara? Kaffara is a penalty (mostly monetary) that is imposed on a person who has committed certain forbidden acts or omitted certain obligatory acts. The most common of these acts include intentional breaking of fasts (sawm), untruthful oaths and certain acts in the state of ‘Ihram’ (during Hajj/Umrah). (As for) those who take […]

Khums (one-fifth)

Khums (one-fifth) What is Khums? It is a religious tax that is equivalent to one-fifth of one’s yearly savings.we count saving as the year’s income minus legitimate expenses.The total amount splits equally between Sahm El Imam and Sahm El Sadat.We will deliver the khums to your Marjae and provide you with the original receipt Know […]


Fidya In this Blog you will know what is Fidya and importance of Fidya It is also a monetary compensation imposed on a person for not performing certain (non-obligatory) acts like delaying ones Qadha (lapsed) fast for more than a year or not being able to fast due to certain conditions like sickness etc. And […]


Sadaqa What is Sadaqa? Sadaqa is a beautiful expression of the human spirit that seeks to bring joy and positivity into the lives of others. It is a voluntary act of charity that is driven by the desire to please Allah and to show love and compassion towards those in need. Sadaqa takes many forms, […]